Looking for Employment?


Have you got a passion for cleanliness? Do others consider you sort of a neat freak or even a bit OCD? Is a certain buff, bald cleaning character your hero? Are you looking for work?

If so, consider joining some of your fellow cleaning enthusiasts!

Maid Meisters is currently accepting applications. Interested characters can apply online by clicking through on the following button.




Prior to submitting your application, please make sure that you:

· Familiarize yourself with where we are located, especially those of you who live in areas like Petersburg, Powhatan, King William, etc..  You may find the extra drive time and gasoline costs hard to justify or overcome. 

· Familiarize yourself with the Job Requirements, just to make sure you’re eligible based on the needs and requirements of the position.

Should you decide to complete our online application, we will require 2 – 3 days to review and respond to your submission. If you have not heard from us within 2 – 3 days, you may, at that point, call our office directly to request info as to the status of your application. Please, DO NOT call our office immediately upon submittal of your application …. we will not have had time to review it. Our office staff is small and juggles several responsibilities throughout each day. We will appreciate your patience as we work to respond to everyone in proper order.

Thank you, in advance, for your interest in working with us here at Maid Meisters!

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